True Vegan 85 Protein
  • True Vegan 85 Protein

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    Complete Vegan Blend

    VEGAN85 is an innovative tri-blend of Belgium sourced pea protein, Netherlands sourced pumpkin protein and organic US brown rice protein. VEGAN85 possesses an excellent protein content of 85% in natural form, which equates to roughly 25g/serve. 100% derived from plant based sources, VEGAN85 is the ultimate protein solution for vegans or those looking for a non-dairy alternative


    Leading Vegan Blend

    VEGAN 85 combines USA sourced organic brown rice protein, and European sourced pea protein & pumpkin proteins to produce a superior vegan blend


    Rich Amino Acid Profile

    Through the combination of pea protein, pumpkin protein and brown rice protein, the amino acid profile of VEGAN 85 is superior to that of individual non-dairy proteins.



    All ingredients in VEGAN85 are naturally sourced and 100% Non-GMO


    High in Protein

    VEGAN85 has a high protein content equating to roughly 24g protein per serve.


    Free From Common Allergens

    VEGAN85 is considered hypoallergenic which means that it’s a viable option for anyone who cannot tolerate egg, milk or soy protein due to allergies.


    Suitable For Vegans

    The raw materials and processes used in the manufacture of VEGAN85 contain absolutely no traces of animal origin at all.